Monthly Archives: February 2009

Self-profiling on Glamlife

Eagle eyed students amongst our readers might have noticed another change on Glamlife. You are now able to let Glamlife know which campus(es) you are based on. To do so, visit the “Your Profile” tab and then click on Edit … Continue reading

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Glamlife Blog: Twitter and Facebook

Most students have probably heard of Facebook. Most students have probably got accounts. Twitter, on the other hand, may be new to you. It’s been around for a few years, and fans of Stephen Fry may have heard it mentioned … Continue reading


Glamlife Blog: Our walkthrough guide. And: Snow!

On a serious and hopefully useful note, the Walkthrough guide for Glamlife has just been updated. Thanks very much to CELT for their work on the flash version. The walkthrough guide exists primarily for students who are very new, and … Continue reading

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