Blog: Union election results – the Glamlife effect

If you’re a student and you’ve voted last week, you’ve probably already visited the Students’ Union’s website to check the election results. Or, if you prefer, you can watch the video recording of the election night party where results were announced.

If you have some feedback or comments about the elections, Bob Davies in the Students’ Union has set up a Facebook Group for election feedback.

In the meantime, we’re delighted that the elections have been a success. And what a success they’ve been:

  • The number of total votes (in all contests) has gone up from 2775 to 5426 (compared to last year)
  • The number of valid votes in the presidential election alone has gone up from 396 to 1138

Online voting has boosted participation by a huge margin. In the office, everyone is talking about ‘the Glamlife effect’ – and what other things it could or should be used for. Have you got any suggestions? Let us know. Email

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4 Responses to Blog: Union election results – the Glamlife effect

  1. Jonathan says:

    I’m curious, what provisions were made to alleviate the possibility of voter intimidation or vote buying? The entire point of anonymous elections is to stop these things from being possible. (as well as other stuff like being able to see who voted which way etc).
    I realise these are only for a student union election of little merit, however what’s the point in elections that aren’t anonymous?

  2. Bob Davies says:

    Thanks for a great write up! The Glamlife effect was a great help and I think the fact it was all online for the first time ever had a profound effect.

    All the best
    Bob Davies

  3. Jonathan – as far as I’m aware the election was still anonymous. I believe the system merely ensured that only enrolled students could vote – just like, in previous years, people would manually check that only people with NUS cards voted. Bob would probably be able to say more on this…

    Not sure how buying of votes / voter intimidation is an issue in an online election.

    Bob – thanks for doing all the work on to make sure the election could happen there!

  4. Bob Davies says:

    Hi Jonathan, Rob is right, the elections are anonymous. There is no way of know who voted for who, just what votes were cast. We are able to print off all the ballots for what candidates were voted for and order of preference but have no record, at all, of who voted. This enables us to do a manual count to ensure the online figures add up.

    The elections were set up using enrolment number authentication which means every enrolled student can vote in the election. Voter intimidation and vote buying would be just the same as in a paper vote which is against the rules and is illegal.

    The Students’ Union elections are of merit as they elect students who run the Union and affect all students studying at Glamorgan University.

    Hope this clears things up.

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