Blog: Sneak a peek at the new home page

It’s time for a breath of fresh air on Glamlife. A lot of development work has been going on behind the scenes, but it’s been subtle work rather than eyecatching work. Therefore it’s all the more enjoyable to unveil an eyecatching new look for the front page. If all goes well, it will be launched by the end of next week.

It’s a revised design, rather than a revolution, but we’re immensely pleased with the result. The web development team have done splendid work.

As you can see, we will be trimming the length of the page, while at the same time making our promotional area more interesting, and giving the page a bit more visual impact. The Quicklinks area has been rearranged, and the area dedicated to the Glamlife Directory has been trimmed. Of course, the “Directory” link in the top navigation bar is still there, so you can still get straight to our reference section from the front page.

All in all, we’re hopeful that you will like this new design. Let us know what you think! Comment below, or email (Comments on the blog may appear after a delay, as we screen them for spam manually)

And if you want to book a promotion on Glamlife, get in touch – we’re confident the Glamlife effect will become even more noticeable when the new home page is applied!

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5 Responses to Blog: Sneak a peek at the new home page

  1. gareth says:

    hey guys. really like the trimming but i am not sure about the massive picture in the middle the page (which i really like by the way) reminds me so much about my igoogle homepage for my own machine but the big picture in the middle is a little BIG taking up a lot of the room that could be used possiably more effectivly with news around the campus possiably more union infomation and maybe a peice from the atrium (a student run news paper or even better something similar to what swansea universitys students are doing which is a video broadcast about news) we do have the best design and media system in wales 😛

    i appoligise if my comments seem to be not as happy about the changes because i really like them. theres a lot of space used by links that dont need to be there (or links that may have expired) but maby somthing more studenty

    thanks for listening


  2. Dave Pinnell says:

    I presume the silhouetted skyline at the top of the home page (current and proposed) is the collection of buildings the make up the Treforest campus. I’ve tried to identify anything amongst them that could possibly be the ATRiuM but I have to admit defeat! So, how about incorporating something that represents the Cardiff School of Creative & Cultural Industries, too?

  3. Robert Holbach says:

    Thanks for the feedback! With regards to the buildings at the top, I’m pretty sure none of the little drawings correspond to specific buildings on campus. (I assume it’s like the capitalisation of certain letters in ATRiuM. I thought it was an acronym for a long while, until someone told me it’s just meant to look pretty…)

    With regards to Union information – we wouldn’t want to compete with Maybe in future, when you can personalise the news you receive, you’ll be able to choose to subscribe to SU information through Glamlife, if the SU want that. We’ll add it to the wish list. About the student newspaper – if either or both the student newspapers currently being planned actually take off, we’ll see what we can do.

    In the meantime, one of the new things hopefully coming in this week is an area for feature articles about student life. So if you know anyone who likes to try their hand at student journalism, tell them to get in touch with us!

  4. Kevin Mears says:

    As the person who created the skyline, I can confirm that they are loosely based on buildings on Trefforest and Glyntaf campuses. I haven’t quite got round to adding an Atrium themed building yet, as soon as work out which silhouette of it to use I’ll add it – but it will be there soon.

    And thanks for the reminder!

  5. Bob Davies says:

    Wow! I’m loving the new look with the big picture… make it look a lot more inviting 🙂

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