What you’ve been looking for on Glamlife this week – 2nd edition

Like last week, we’ve had a look at the things you have been searching for on Glamlife. This blog lists your top searches, and the best results (which, we hope, you have found!):

  1. results – The Online Results Service and the best overview of results in general can be found on the Results Frequently Asked Questions page.
  2. term dates – If you’re trying to find out when you have to be back on campus (or plan your Christmas and Easter holidays), the “Term dates” page is in the Glamlife Directory.
  3. past papers – To get to the repository of old exam papers from the Glamlife homepage, follow the link “Library” (under Glamlearn) and then the link to “Exam papers”. Good luck to all students who are doing resits this week!
  4. blackboard – The link to Blackboard is on the Glamlife homepage, under the “Glamlearn” heading.
  5. enrol – Students who are able and eligible to (re-)enrol should see a banner at the top of the Glamlife homepage, with a link to the online enrolment service. The page lists the enrolment contact details (and relevant links) for all the faculties. If you run into any problems, you can contact your faculty. Welcome (back) to Glamorgan for the new academic year!

Enrolment seemed to be the most important topic on your minds this week – popular alternative search queries included enrollment (sic), online enrolment, enrolment and enroll (sic) and enrole (sic).

We hope you found the information you were looking for on Glamlife.

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