What you’ve been searching for on Glamlife – 4th edition

September is fast approaching. There aren’t too many weeks of summer holidays left. Here’s what’s been on your minds this week:

  1. timetable – The draft 2012/13 teaching timetable will be available from the 3rd September 2012 after 10am.
  2. resit results – The results of resits are determined by the September Assessment Boards, and will become available on Tuesday, 12th September 2012.
  3. term dates – If you’re trying to find out when you have to be back on campus (or plan your Christmas and Easter holidays), the “Term dates” page is in the Glamlife Directory.
  4. enrol – Many of you have already (re-)enrolled. If you haven’t seen any enrolment banners on Glamlife, have a look at the Online Enrolment Guide to see if that explains why.
  5. accommodation Accommodation Services manage the University-owned student halls. They can also offer advice about finding and living in house shares and private sector accommodation.

Other popular search topics included induction and everything to do with freshers. We’re waiting for the Students’ Union to publish their Freshers events – once these are online, we’ll be able to link to them. Shouldn’t be too long now!

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