Making Glamlife easier to navigate

We’re always looking to improve Glamlife. One of the areas where we occasionally hear constructive criticism from students (and staff) is that it can sometimes be a bit tricky to find information on Glamlife. Over the past years, things have been improving: our search is better than ever (though by no means perfect yet), we’ve been looking into the titles of pages to make them easier to find, and we’ve been blogging about the phrases our students use when searching for information – and the most in-demand pages each week.

For those of you who prefer to browse for information, we’ve been working on summing up the different topics and information categories that are covered by Glamlife. Rather than having to go through a huge A-Z, you can now find links by information category at the top of the Glamlife Directory.

Here is a screenshot showing the new categories:
Screenshot of the Glamlife Directory

Each category then lists relevant Glamlife channels, followed by links to individual pages that cover specific topics.

We’re hoping that this will give students a better idea of what sort of topics are covered on Glamlife. The number of University web services and websites can sometimes be a bit confusing, especially for new students. As a guideline, all the learning materials for your modules and course should be on Blackboard. All other information about being a student should be on some part of Glamlife.

Let us know what you think – are things a bit easier to find now? Are there any other improvements you’d like to suggest?

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