What you’ve been searching for on Glamlife

Things have stayed quite steady over the past few weeks, with timetable and enrolment being searched for quite regularly.

The big climbers over the past week have been:

  • induction, induction week and induction timetable. When we checked the results you get when you search, we realised that for “induction timetable”, they weren’t good. So we created a new page on Glamlife that has an overview of the relevant links, which whill hopefully mean that students searching for induction timetables in future get better results.
  • map – We’ve been doing quite a bit of work on our campus map page lately. Yes, you still have to click on a link to download the actual map, but the page itself lists the buildings, and now also has an overview of which rooms are in which building in Glyntaff. (Things are a bit easier on other campuses, where each building has a letter). We hope this makes the page easier to find, and the information on the page more useful to you.
  • council tax – If you’re looking for an exemption letter, these will become available soon, for eligible students. The online tool producing the letters starts working in the first week of teaching term (i.e. next week) for most students who are eligible for council tax exemption.

Meanwhile, we’re getting a few messages from students who are trying to enrol. The online enrolment service has been working for most students, but if, for any reason, you have been unable to enrol online, you need to contact your faculty. They will help you. There’s a contact form on our enrolment and induction page, or the email addresses you can use directly.

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