Trouble finding something on Glamlife?

We’ve been blogging about popular search terms a few times now, and we’ve been working on making things easier to find on Glamlife. When students provide us with feedback, we respond – have a look at our Feedback Report for last year if you want to see all the changes we’ve made as result of student suggestions.

We get occasional emails from students, telling us about specific bits of information and specific tools that are still a little awkward to get to. We’re looking into fixing those. In the meantime, we’d like to invite comments, so we can prioritise the things that need improving:

What things are not easy enough to get to on Glamlife, or hard to find at all? Please let us know, so we can try to improve matters. You can comment below or email with your comments.

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2 Responses to Trouble finding something on Glamlife?

  1. Emily Cavill says:

    The Treforrest & Glyntaff library opening times are so difficult to find on glamlife! I know lots of students just don’t know where they are – even the librarian told me ‘you can only find them if you know where to look’.. Could all library opening times PLEASE be easier to find so all students can access them?! Thanks!

  2. Robert says:

    We’ve passed your comments on to the library – they do maintain their own Glamlife channel, so if a librarian thinks that opening times cannot be found easily, they should ask someone in their department to work on improving that.

    When we emailed the people running the library channel, we were told they’ll discuss it at a meeting next term.

    In the meantime, you can get to the Opening Times from the Glamlife homepage in two ways:

    1) Click on “Library”, then “On Your Campus”, then “Glyntaff LRC opening hours” (or “Treforest LRC opening hours”)

    2) If you type “Library Opening Hours” into the search on Glamlife, the first result is great.

    However, thanks to your comment, we realised that, if you type “library opening times” into the search (rather than “opening hours”), the search results are poor. So what we’ll do now is vary the text we use in our links to that page, and use “opening times”, too – this should have an effect on the search and improve the results within a few weeks. Thanks for your comment: without it, we would not have realised how big the difference in search results can be, depending on whether a user types in “opening times” or “opening hours”.

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