Changes to the Glamlife home page

You may have noticed two amendments to the Glamlife homepage over the past week:

  1. There is now a new Quick Link, Merger with Newport, on the homepage
  2. There is now a Times Higher Education Award 2012 Winner badge in the top banner, and the University’s logo has been updated to the current edition.

The link to the page about the merger has been placed there in response to student comments and feedback. Some students who want to know more about the merger have not seen previous news items and promotions – so a Quick Link will now give everyone easy access to the information.

The Times Higher Award Winner badge is there to celebrate the award for Outstanding Student Support that the University has won. Glamlife was an important part of the award bid, and the University is proud of its achievement, so it has been decided to celebrate the award in the header of Glamlife.

In other news, we’re happy to report that our work to improve the findability of information is showing results: after asking you to let us know whether you have any trouble finding certain information on Glamlife, and receiving feedback that showed us that the opening times of the library would show up only for people searching for “library opening hours”, but not for those searching for “library opening times”, our tweaks and changes have worked: now, if you search for “library opening times”, the best result is also the top result. We’re always curious to hear about things that aren’t easy to find on Glamlife – so if there’s something that you found difficult to get to, let us know!

Finally, a quiet hint about things to come: the word “app” is being mentioned a lot in our office at the moment. Shhhh, don’t tell anyone!

Merry Christmas!

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