Now you can choose which types of jobs vacancies you want on your homepage

The “Job Vacancies” area on the Glamlife homepage has been showcasing vacancies for a while. These come from a variety of feeds – and working out which are the most relevant to our students has often been a topic of discussions in the Glamlife offices. The exact combination of feeds has been changing seasonally behind the scenes. For example, graduate vacancies would be included only in the summer term and during the summer vacations, but be taken out of the feeds during the autumn term, when demand is much higher for part-time student jobs.

Good news: now you can choose the type of jobs listings that you are interested in – and access all types of vacancies all year round:

Screenshot of the jobs feed selection box

By default, all types of vacancies are shown. So, if you are looking for a specific type of vacancy, you’ll have to choose from the drop-down menu.

The Jobs Vacancies box displays a selection of listings from Glamorgan Openings. Sign up with Openings to see the full list and to search for vacancies.

For more information about the different feeds, see our job and work experience types page.

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