Blogs of appreciation

From time to time, students praise Glamlife, leaving us with that warm happy glow of a job well done. This week, we noticed that one of the Glamorgan Insights bloggers is really happy with Glamlife Marketplace, but also quite happy with Glamlife in general.

That’s the sort of thing we love to hear! Thanks, James!

Of course, it’s also nice when outsiders recognise the merits of Glamlife, but students are our customers, so we want to know any and all feedback you have about Glamlife. In turn, we report back about how we’ve reacted to feedback each academic year.

Why not add your opinions? You can comment below, post on the Glamlife Facebook profile, email or fill in one of the many Glamlife feedback forms (there is one on each page).

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One Response to Blogs of appreciation

  1. Busayo says:

    Glamlife is a fantastic informative and educative page. I really love the career section, where latest jobs are being posted from time to time. The page used to be a bit boring before now but it is presently alive…..**smiles** Keep up the good work.

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