A new look for Glamlife channels

Keen-eyed observers may notice that Glamlife channels (those self-contained websites full of student information, with news and events that you can subscribe to) are, one by one, changing their appearance.

Here’s a screenshot showing the new look (on the left) compared with the old look (on the right):

For an example, visit the Chaplaincy channel, which is now using the new design.

Aside from including our new logo, the new design is now responsive, so those channels should now look better on tablets and smartphones. It also features our new logo, and a link to MyNewport (for Newport-based students).

We’re working on changing the channels to the new design in batches. It’ll take a few days before all the channels have the new look. This is, of course, just one step in the process of making Glamlife ready for the enlarged University of South Wales. More changes, including a new name for the portal and new information, will be implemented over the coming months.

We rather like the new design. What do you think?

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