URL Changes for Glamlife Student channels

In light of the recent merger, you may have noticed that URLs for student channels have changed from   glam.ac.uk  to  southwales.ac.uk 

Examples of this include:

Our news feed: http://studentnews.southwales.ac.uk/  formerly http://glamlifenews.glam.ac.uk/

Careers Service:  http://careers.southwales.ac.uk   formerly http://careers.glam.ac.uk

Health Service:  http://health.southwales.ac.uk/ formerly http://health.glam.ac.uk/

Don’t worry, redirects are in place, so any bookmarks you have will point towards the new URLs.

Other Changes:

In the light of the recent merger, Glamlife(The student portal) will soon be changing its name to UniLife.  We hope this will all be completed by the time you re-enrol.  If you are an avid user of Glamlife , rest assured, much of the functionality will also be available in UniLife.

Also, the Universities employability initiative ‘Glam Edge’ is now called ‘Grad Edge’.  This is also to reflect the recent merger.

The new URL is http://gradedge.southwales.ac.uk

Again, old URLs will redirect to the new ones.

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